CleanerShirts - Stain Repellent Crew T-Shirt
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We are a group of tee-holics dedicated to creating the ultimate day-to-day wearing experience. Tired of cheap throwaway tees that break down after one or two washes?

​​Now you’ve finally found a revolutionary shirt that doesn’t get stained easily, doesn’t shrink, doesn’t fade, has breathability, long-lasting quality and holds up wash-after-wash.​​

The “Perfect Balanced Blend”, an exquisite weaving of luxurious materials, brings you the premium silky-soft and icy tactile feel, with a more structured drape for that always decent look, making this your new premium daily drivers.


Revolution Fabric: Stain-Repellent and easy to clean. Dry and clean with just one wipe. Eco-friendly threads.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Threaded ribbing collar and vertical stitch on hem and cuff. Long-lasting neckline to avoid bacon neck.

Stylish Design: Simple, classic, premium feel. Accentuates your chest and arms while slims down dad-bod. No itchy and stabby tags.

Stain-Repellent: The premium Tee is armed with hydrophobic technology inspired by lotus leaf, making it stain-repel.

Breathable material: Our flawless, breathable weave is specially designed to repel liquid while wicking out sweat molecules, helping regulate temperature and elevating comfort inside the garment.


  • “Perfect Balanced Blend”—37.8% Cotton, 37.3% Viscose, and 24.9% Polyester
  • Straight fit with fitted mid-length sleeves
  • Pre-shrunk

Care instructions

  • Machine wash cold
  • Wash separately
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach


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Jhonny Y.
Verified Buyer
Nike quality for Walmart price
Nike quality for Walmart price
This shirt fits true to size. It’s not baggy at all and is very soft. It has multi directional stretch fabric for my active tennis life too. I would recommend this product.

Jason R
Verified Buyer
Great dry fits shirts
Great dry fits shirts
Comfortable shirts that look good. They have held up well after using them for months.

D.J. DeYoung
Verified Buyer
My outdoor 40 hour a week construction work shirt!
My outdoor 40 hour a week construction work shirt!
Love the fit of the Large. I am 6'3" tall and 205 lbs, just a little tiny poof of a belly. My heavy cotton t-shirts were my go to, but they are 100% soaked in the North Carolina Piedmont heat by 8:40am until quitting time. Still soaked and so hard to get off at the end of the day. This shirt is dry before 20 minutes into my lunch in the A/C, then again before I get home. Now use these for hot inside jobs. Have switched to long sleeve with hood that goes over my hat in many popular brands on Amazon, including this one. Now, it is thin polyester.....Nipples and chest hair will make an impression on the wearing, even with my loose yet comforting fit, yet tighter than some men like. (It's a sport sizing on this one, guys.) Hope that helps.
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